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With all of the adult sites out there, sometimes it's hard to find one that you actually enjoy and that offers something a little different. In an effort to showcase some of the other sites of quality that are out there I created this site to talk about a few. was created so that you, the end user can make an educated decision as to where you spend your time or money online. All adult sites are not created equal and things have really changed over the past few years. Below I look at some of the sites featured here on Sites Like RedTube ...


- is probably's biggest rival. It offers the same kind of format and generally has different videos. I'm not positive, but I believe they both may have the same owner? Again, I'm not sure on that but here's why I think so. Both have almost the exact same format but completely different color schemes and each seem to have different videos. This would make sense because if you were on one the whole time you would get sick of it and switch to other. Then you might switch back. Sometimes one company will create subsidiaries that seem like they are competitors, so when you decide to try the other, you are actually getting the same thing packaged differently. I think that's what is going on here, but again don't quote me. That's just my hypothesis. Nonetheless, if you are a fan of, you'll love porn hub.

-        With XVideos, the format here is similar but not exactly the same which is why decided to take a look at it. It isn't always about the format or membership, but most often the greatness of a site is measured in its content. In all honesty, I haven't seen anything out of that really strikes me as great but if you are looking for something a little new here's a decent place to go. For those of you looking for the good stuff, bypass this one.

-        When talking about Playboy, "Class, Class, Class" is what Ron Burgundy may say in this case. It is true that Playboy is done with taste as opposed to the other internet adult sites out there. Let's be honest though, in comparison to non-adult sites, it still has naked people in it. I've also noticed that over the last few years they are getting more and more risky. I'm not sure if you've ever listened to their radio program on XM radio, but they are talking about some pretty crazy stuff. Last week I heard one of the talk show hosts talking about orgies with multiple women and men. This is the kind of stuff you might expect within other organizations, but they are supposed to be the class act amongst them. I will say this though, it was recently announced that Larry Flynt was worth about ten times more than Hugh Hefner. I guess that shows that the "real stuff" really does pay off.


There is a site out there which will offer a simple listing of sites instead of rambling like I do on mine. It's called and a great place to find a little more info. They use a very similar format to digg so you can actually tag things and it works on almost a social level. It's really user friendly and easy to use but they don't offer a ton of info or any personal experience like I try to on SitesLikeRedTube so definitely give it a shot. Hopefully some of this stuff helps you on your search. I know it's kind of weird reading columns about adult related sites but with all the junk out there and spyware and what not, it's good to read up on the sites you are going to and signing up for. I try to give you all the info I have on a site, both the good and the bad and offer up suggestions on alternatives. In this case, the actual site is a good one, but can just get a little boring so hopefully this site gives you a few more options.